Car air conditioning repairs

If your car air conditioner is not performing as it should, bring your car to Farleigh Garage Ltd

Do you have a faulty air conditioning system in your car?

Whether the AC has stopped working, is underperforming, or is making loud noises, the experts at Farleigh Garage Ltd can help. Our experienced mechanics have the skill to detect all kinds of issues in your car's air conditioning system and repair it with ease. You can also count on us to upgrade your car's old air conditioning system. Contact us today to book your car in for air conditioning recharge.

R134a and R1234yf

Cars up to 2014 use R134a and vehicles made onwards of 2014 use the new air con gas R1234yf.

Aircon Systems should be serviced up to every 3 years to ensure they are operating as they should.

If your system gets a leak then detection is made easy by the use of UV dye which both machines are fitted with.

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Car AC repairs by experienced mechanics

If you have a faulty air conditioning system in your car and need to have it fixed, get in touch with Farleigh Garage Ltd. We will diagnose the problems with your car's AC and provide you with a cost-effective solution. We offer a complete service for all cars, vans and light commercial vehicles.

Do you need car air conditioning repairs?

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